• Smart LED Downlight
  • The smart LED down light features intercommunication function as the lights set in group can automatically be lit up one by one. The brightness can automatically dim to 10-50% ...

  • Smart LED Grille Light
  • When the ambient brightness is in excess of 300lux, the light brightness of our smart LED grille light

  • Smart LED Pendant Light
  • The smart LED pendant light features intercommunication as the lights set in group can be lit up automatically one by one.

  • Microwave Sensor T8 LED Tube
  • When our microwave sensor T8 LED tube detects moving people, it will automatically switch on and when there is no moving people

  • LED Grille Light
  • Luminous efficacy: 90lm/w;
    Power Factor>0.9;
    Easy to change power supply (good for longer lifespan)

  • Motion Sensor LED Down Light
  • Our motion sensor LED down light will turn on when moving people are detected, and it will turn off if there is no one, thus saving much electricity.

Professional LED Lighting Manufacturer in China

Bright Vision Optoelectronic Technology Company Ltd. (BVLED) is a high-tech LED manufacturer, committed to offering global customers a wide range of low-carbon, environmental friendly, and energy efficient LED light at reasonable prices. These are all backed by our R&D effort, advanced manufacturing technique and attentive customer service. BVLED's LED lighting and easy installation. Our LED lights available include smart LED light, sensor LED light, LED grille light, LED spotlight, etc., ideally suitable for home lighting, office lighting, hotel lighting, car park lighting and other industries. Meanwhile, our LED is widely used for advertising, stadiums, plazas, video display in malls, and many more.

Choose BVLED, choose satisfaction! We are bound to offer high-quality product and considerate service in return of society and our partners, so that more and more people will trust BVLED, choose BVLED.

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